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Marjorie Abalos

Social Justice Humanitarian

About Marjorie Abalos

In the course of her life-long social justice humanitarian endeavors, Marjorie Abalos has traveled to more than 50 countries where she has observed the triumphs and progress of, as well as the injustices towards, our planet’s numerous indigenous inhabitants.

According to Marjorie, “Our planet is one beautiful piece of art, created in a most divine form but also bleeding from the ravishes of war, modern fears of terrorism, poverty, and the lack of access to emerging digital technologies.”

These travel experiences and a solid vocational background in global software-system deployment served as the catalyst for her life’s mission, to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved communities throughout the world.

In effectuating her life’s mission, she founded and serves as the CEO of CLODS Inc., a global New York City-based, mission-driven social enterprise that began its operations in 2013 as part of Out4Good Ltd.’s e-Health initiatives.

CLODS is implementing its unique regional health information exchange platform that has an integrated suite of network-enabled e-health services that facilitate the delivery of healthcare more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in underserved communities throughout the world by connecting healthcare facilities region by region, generating measurable social impact (the “CLODS System™”).  

Throughout her career, Marjorie has focused on making a positive global impact having led engagements developing process improvement plans which have empowered millions of disenfranchised, underserviced, and marginalized people throughout the world transform into the Information Age.

Out4Good, an organization which Marjorie cofounded and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors, focuses on helping other non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”), intergovernmental organizations, educational institutions, socially-responsible businesses, and government policymakers improve how they strategize and make decisions. Through research, strategic partnering, and implementation planning, Out4Good is furthering its goals to ensure that “those who govern” the world’s populations are applying an ever-changing “peaceful” balance between the “rule of law” and “human rights.”

Prior to the formation of Out4Good, Marjorie was the Co-Chair of The Committee for World Peace (“TCWP”). TCWP evolved into Out4Good in 2013 so that it could expand its mission and address a broader range of global issues. Working with TCWP, Marjorie helped with various global causes including the United Nations’ promotion of “world peace.” When the United Nations celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006, Marjorie presented to the United Nations on behalf of the U.S. government, a specifically-created oil painting by the world-renowned Brazilian artist Ferjo which U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan described as historically significant. During the same event, Marjorie delivered a speech titled “Believe in Infinite Possibilities.” At that event, all attendees received a copy of Marjorie’s book Observations from Afar which was dedicated to the United Nations’ efforts to bring freedom, justice, and peace to all members of the human family, and to the memory of U.S. President Harry S. Truman whose commitment to world peace helped bring about the establishment of the United Nations. The book features Marjorie’s photographs from 30 countries.

Several of Marjorie’s public service engagements over the years have been with projects such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the international coed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega where she served as president of her chapter at the University of Southern California, Amnesty International, as well as volunteering at hospitals, convalescent centers, and schools.

“My mission in life is to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved communities throughout the world.”


CLODS Inc. is a global New York City-based, mission-driven social enterprise that generates measurable social impact by improving healthcare region by region.


Out4Good Ltd. is a global New York City-based nonprofit, non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that helps improve the policy and decision-making processes of other NGOs, intergovernmental organizations (“IGOs”), educational institutions, businesses, and government policymakers through its collection and analysis of relevant data.


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