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Also known as the “Gold Coast,” the country Ghana is one of the unique countries to visit in Africa. It has been called “Africa for beginners” because it is the ideal destination in terms of getting acclimated with the diverse continent. Along with its rich history, vibrant culture, wildlife-filled parks and gorgeous beaches, it can be the perfect travel spot for anyone looking to visit. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider including Ghana to your desired vacation destinations.

Proud History

The country’s history while dark is also critical to learn and understand as it is relevant to the shaping of African history as a whole. From the history of the Ashanti (Asante) Empire to becoming the first colonized African country to gain independence, it’s history is very pertinent to African history. Ghana offers numerous opportunities to immerse oneself into said history. For example, in Cape Coast, you can visit sites like Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle which were both slave castles along the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade route.  

Rich Culture

Ghanaian culture is probably unlike any other that you may be used to — in a good way. You can expect to see some of the streets flooded with people wearing beautifully patterned clothing playing upbeat music and dancing. You can earn major points with the locals by showing your finest Azonto. Plus, you will find markets of every size on the corners where you can purchase traditional crafts and paintings. Drumming is another vital aspect of Ghanaian art and culture, and if you are interested, there are studios where you can take lessons.

The Food

It will not take long for you to fall in love with the unique foods of Ghana. From fufu which is a delicacy made from pounded cassava or yams to red-red which is plantains served with fish, red pepper with delicately spread black-eyed peas. You can also expect to have the best Jollof Rice in all of West Africa. For those unaware, jollof rice is a special type of rice flavored with tomatoes, onions, salt and a variety of spices.

The Beaches

Ghana is home to some the most beautiful and relaxing beaches. If you are visiting the capital city of Accra, be sure to check out the popular Labadi Pleasure Beach which is home to endless games of beach volleyball and frisbee. If you are looking for a more hippie vibe, you can hop on a bus to Kobrobite and visit Big Milly’s Backyard. Here you will find backpackers, restaurants and other fun events such as reggae nights on the weekends.